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We are looking for a skilled and motivated Speech Language Therapist with a focus on the communicative development of children and students on the island of Saba.

The Expertise Center Education Care on Saba has a multi-disciplinary team and offers specialized support and guidance for Day Care, Primary School, Secondary School and After School Care. Do you want to play an active role in this? Do you like variety, advising, coaching and flexibility?

Then we have this unique job for you in a unique place!

As a Speech Language Therapist, you will be responsible for supporting and developing children / students in the areas of language, speech and communication. You will work both individually and in small groups. You will work in a multidisciplinary team, including a youth development specialist, behavior coach, special teachers and teaching assistants. Together with the EC2 team, you will do everything in your power to enable the children/students to perform optimally.

Your responsibilities as a Speech & Language Therapist will be:

*Observe, assess, diagnose, coach and evaluate children/students with speech/language issues and/or cognitive /intellectual communication challenges.

* Monitor children/ students’ progress and adjust treatments accordingly.

* Educate family members on related topics, including prevention, coping strategies for communication problems and techniques needed for communication improvements. 

* For Day Care you are concerned with charting speech-language development, giving advice on communication and feeding and drinking advice.

* Consult and update fellow professionals, caretakers, teachers and assistants on the progress of individual clients, when needed.

* Provide lessons, information, instruction and advice in the field of speech & language development to Day Care and After School Care staff, teaching staff and those involved in the care of children/students


* You have a bachelor’s degree in Speech & Language Therapy. (gediplomeerd logopedist)

* You have experience with a variety of age groups such as early childhood, primary school or secondary    school.

* You have an open attitude and a strong personality with good communication skills.

* Excellent English communications skills

This vacancy is for 32 – 40 hour working week.

Candidates are asked to submit applications before 18 March 2024

to Annelies Buurmeijer, annelies.buurmeijer@sabalearns.org