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Onlangs kregen wij een berichtje van ESLA dat wij graag met jullie willen delen. In het bericht wordt opgeroepen om video’s te delen met Oekraïense collega’s.

Zie hieronder het bericht in het Engels:

Dear friends and colleagues of ESLA, 

Our colleagues from Ukraine have asked Communication Therapy International (CTI), ESLA (European Speech and Language Association) and IALP (International Association of Communication Sciences and Disorders) for support, by providing videos that give information about how to support people with specific types of communication and swallowing impairment. They are looking specifically for videos on the following topics:

  1. Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), resulting in communication and cognitive impairments 
  2. Children with Selective mutism (related to trauma)
  3. Dyslexia and/ or developmental language difficulties
  4. Dysphagia, (either paediatric or adult focused)
  5. Acquired stuttering.

The videos must be:

  • maximum 15 minutes long
  • intended for those without specialist knowledge (e.g., teachers, medics, nurses, physiotherapists, family members) i.e., not aimed at SLT/Ps  

If you have any videos that you think might be suitable and for which you have appropriate permission to translate into Ukrainian and to show in the public domain, please could you complete the Excel spreadsheet:  Ukraine training videos log.xlsx

Our Ukrainian colleagues will review the videos and, if appropriate, arrange for  translation. The videos will be uploaded to a  YouTube channel and the links will be made publicly available.  

Thank you CTI, ESLA, IALP

PS: Video’s mogen ook naar het bureau gestuurd worden naar: logopedie@nvlf.nl.