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Speech and Language Therapy across the lifespan: the value and impact of a scientific profession

Speech and Language Therapy (SLT) is a relatively young profession, that has grown rapidly in size, scope and reputation over the past century. As a scientific discipline, it is essential that we can demonstrate that all aspects of SLT professional practice are underpinned by robust evidence of effectiveness, delivered within services that have been developed to meet the respective population needs and contexts.

The webinar will be held by Dr Hazel Roddam has established a reputation as an international influencer for building research capacity and promoting strategies to embed evidence-based practice across all Allied Health disciplines, having delivered over 30 international invited keynote addresses and lectures in 20 countries on these topics. She is currently working for Health Education England to lead the implementation of their national strategy for research and innovation across 14 Allied Health professions. In addition, Hazel has been deeply committed to supporting the work of ESLA (formerly CPLOL) since 2008.