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Prevention and Treatment of Voice Disorders in the Voice Professional

Endorsed by UEP/EAP and ESLA
Friday October 21st, 2022, Ghent, Belgium


Plenary session
8.45h: doors open

9.00h: Welcome – Mieke Moerman, ENT/phoniatrician , Vice Pres UEP

9.15h: Phonosurgery for Voice Professionals, an anatomical-pathological approach – John Rubin, Chair of the
UEP Voice Committee

10.00h: Vocal Abuse, Ergonomy and Vocal fitness – Norma Camilleri, Speech Language Pathologist, President of

10.30h: Speaking in background noise – Jan De Sutter, Sales Manager Phonak

BREAK 10.50h- 11.00h

11.00h: Guest Lecture: Impairment or handicap: where to draw the line? – Orietta Calcinoni, phoniatrician, UEP
Voice Committee

12.00h: Panel discussion: Vocal pedagogy and/versus speech language therapy? -moderator: E. D’haeseleer,
Speech Language Pathologist UZ Gent, Belgium
Members: Orietta Calcinoni, phoniatrician, Norma Camilleri, Speech Language Pathologist, Ayla Benoy, Speech
Language Pathologist, Mieke Moerman, ENT/phoniatrician

LUNCH 12.30h-13.30h
you can enjoy lunch nearby or in KASK Café

13.30h – 14.45h
Workshop Room 1: Vocal warming up & cooling down – Norma Camilleri, Speech Language
Pathologist, President ESLA
Workshop Room 2: Playing with the human sound- Lieve Jansen, singing teacher

BREAK 14.45h-15.00h

15.00h – 16.15h
Workshop Room 1: Biofeedback via sound analysis – Mieke Moerman, ENT/phoniatrician, Vice
Preidents UEP
Workshop Room 2: Manual therapy & facilitation -Tom Steeland, Speech Language Pathologist

16.15h: Closing & Certificates of attendance

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